A comprehensive guide to Mitt Romney’s celebrity endorsements.

Magic Underpants: The Mitt Romney story.

A comprehensive guide to Mitt Romney.

Why I’m voting for Obama, in five haikus.

A thorough and 100% accurate summary of last night’s debate.

The Official Sherman Ave 2012 RNC Drinking Game, replete with the Sherman Ave GOP Buzzword Bingo Board.

An open letter to the female body. And, by extension, people who try to define “legit rape.”

ForMITTable Opponents: Rejected Romney Running Mates.

Mittuational comedy ideas for Mitt Romney’s new BET sitcom.

Our End-of-Term Supreme Court power rankings.

If only the Supreme Court was more like the BCS, oh what a country we’d have.

Breaking News: NATO Representatives have elected to stick around the Chicagoland area to attend Dillo Day.

President Obama announces that he supports gay marriage among other obvious things, like the United States and Sherman Ave.

Ross Packingham’s account of Herman Cain’s visit to Northwestern.

Rick Santorum announces his departure from the 2012 Republican Primary Campaign, presumably to spend more time sewing sleeves onto his sweater-vests.

The Texting Hilary meme is about all Sir Twattingworth has left in this world.

Sherman Ave officially endorses Shao and Stewart for the 2012 ASG election.

Eleanor Kinkervoss doesn’t support Obama 2012 OR Kony 2012. Hmmm, must be a Huntsman supporter.

Sir Edward Twattingworth III institutes the new “Sandra Fluke Rule” after Rush’s little outburst last week.

Evander Jones offers a comprehensive guide to understanding the upcoming Super Tuesday primary elections.

Sir Twattingworth III compiles responses to Newt Gingrich’s plan to colonize the moon.

In a surprise move, Brother Jürgen Taintsdorf endorses Republicans.

Manua Hiki-Hiki’s 5 reasons we hate the Republican primaries.

Eleanor Kinkervoss on why President Obama makes her sad.

Newt Gingrich, South Carolina, and the abortion of Brother Jürgen Taintsdorf’s career in political commentary.

Barack Obama kills terrorists, slays Al Green song.

Sir Edward Twattingworth III with an emergency call to action against the impending SOPA and PIPA legislation.

Ross Packingham offers other potential Pokémon quotations Herman Cain could have used while suspending his campaign.

Brother Jürgen Taintsdorf’s five suggestions for how to spend your Leap Day.

According to Sir Edward Twattingworth III, there are precisely 10 reasons why Rick Perry’s new campaign ad is the wort thing ever.

Rick Perry’s recent political blunder pales in comparison to these inflammatory statements in American history.

Ever wonder what a mud wrestling match between Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann would look like? We sure do

Josh Kopel examines the political effect of Sarah Palin’s trip to the Holy Land.

In our first foray into Residential politics, Sherman Ave officially announces its endorsements for the upcoming Willard Exec Board election.

Sir Edward Twattingworth III explains why we need a cage match between Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, and we need it NOW!

How effective is Social Media when at instituting change? Find the article, and then tweet about it, HERE.

Sean Lavery’s look into the judicial bitch-fight that revived Rahm Emanuel’s campaign for mayor of Chicago.

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