How we should really celebrate Columbus Day.

Badasses in History: Shaka Zulu.

A 5,000-word treatise detailing the similarities between Lord of the Rings and World War II. Yes, it’s that heinous.

A review of 10 worse gaffes than Todd Akin’s recent comments on “legitimate rape.”

The 5 Least Smangable First Ladies of All Time.

Dr. Tattersail’s logs reveal why we still haven’t finished May Heinous yet.

May Heinous Second-Round Results: Pabst Blue Ribbon Division.

May Heinous First-Round Results: Keystone Light Division.

May Heinous First-Round Results: Miller Genuine Draft Division.

May Heinous First-Round Results: Busch Light Division.

Marietta Von Festering’s list of the absolute worst places ever at Northwestern.

May Heinous First-Round Results: Pabst Blue Ribbon Division.

May Heinous Breakdown: Keystone Light Division.

May Heinous Breakdown: Miller Genuine Draft Division.

May Heinous Breakdown: Busch Light Division.

May Heinous Breakdown: Pabst Blue Ribbon Division.

Selection Sunday for the first annual May Heinous historical figure beer pong tournament is upon us!

Ross Packingham’s review of the increasing global reach of Sherman Ave.

Manua Hiki-Hiki’s review of the absolute dumbest states in these glorious United States of America.

In keeping with our commitment to ruin everything, our list of 5 B-Grade Historical Movies we only hope will be made.

Fuck random countries — Packingham’s recent invective is against the entire region of the Caribbean.

Evander Jones and Ross Packingham team up to pen the 10 Events in World History that Totally Should Have Been Pregamed.

Procrastination and patriotism intertwine perfectly in this week’s historical badass entry on Audie Murphy.

Part 2 in Ross Packingham’s series explores the Top 5 Historical Figures you’d least want to find at a frat party. And inserts at least one Dickens reference.

Part 1 in a two-part investigative series, Ross Packingham examines the Top 5 Historical Figures you’d most want to find at a frat party.

Josh Kopel’s treatise on why Jean Lafitte was such a remarkable badass, even despite the seemingly insurmountable handicap of his being French.

Rick Perry’s recent political blunder pales in comparison to these inflammatory statements in American history.

Need a break from applying to write for Sherman Ave? Check out this week’s historical badass, Miyamoto Musashi.

Invading Rome by sending elephants through the fucking Alps tends to make you a great candidate for Historical Badass of the Week. Good work Hannibal.

Know who was a deviously insane motherfucker with a penchant for escaping death? This week’s Historical Badass, Mr. Rasputin!

Josh Kopel proves that Winston Churchill is the greatest badass in all of human history.

Our Top 9 Historically Inspired Pornos that just never quite made it. Writing 10 would just be so passè.

Don’t let a preliminary scan of Wikipedia fool you. Costa Rica is the Dan Quayle of the Americas.

Hating on France is even more American than failing public schools.

Sao Tome and Principe is kind of like a taint of a taint of the taint of the globe. Not sure how they’ve gone so long without facing Ross Packingham’s wrath.


Can’t get enough of unbridled xenophobic rants. But Brazil totally deserved it.

Iceland is a steaming pile of shit for a country. Ross Packingham explains why in the third installment of “Hate a Random Country.”

In the second installment of “Hate a Random Country,” Ross Packingham turns his hatred towards New Zealand.

Ross Packingham discusses why Latvia is such a shithole of a country.

Some events in American history would have been a hell of a lot better had they been pregamed. Ross and Evander team up to bring you the top 10.

After extensive personal research, we managed to compile a list of the most important hook ups of all time.

Ross Packingham’s painstaking research reveals the Top 5 Worst Celebrity Endorsements of all time.

Patrick Henry expresses his extreme displeasure with Evanston’s brothel law in an open letter to all Northwestern Patriots.

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