Anna Karenina: The Movie, The Review.

This is the future, and it is sexy: Disney Buys Lucasfilm.

VOTE NOW for which movie we should drunkenly live-tweet.

How to react to your first episode of Gossip Girl.

A 5,000-word treatise detailing the similarities between Lord of the Rings and World War II. Yes, it’s that heinous.

Simon unleashes his genius on The Last Man on Earth.

Commandant Leo Sextoi’s counter to Simon’s review of The Dark Knight Rises.

Simon goes to the movies Episode 2: The Dark Knight Rises and then Falls and then Rises and then there’s a pit I think?

The Amazing Simon K reviews The Amazing Spider-Man.

Mittuational comedy ideas for Mitt Romney’s new BET sitcom.

Hey, we heard you were a Wildcat: More evidence NU rocks.

7 Reasons Why Lost Sucks.

Sad Bones Malone revisits his favorite Children’s television shows, only to discover how tremendously fucked up they really are.

In keeping with our commitment to ruin everything, our list of 5 B-Grade Historical Movies we only hope will be made.

Drink more to stave off hypothermia! The Titanic 3D Drinking Game is here!

West Coast Correspondent Ryan Kearney’s report on the 2012 Kids Choice Awards.

Professor J. Reginald Vandernips’ Hunger Games Drinking Game combines two of our favorite past-times: drinking, and coming up with games that require drinking.

Manua Hiki-Hiki’s analysis of The Hunger Games, based entirely on its movie poster.

ParrtyCat reviews the 2012 Oscar nominees and decries the lack of respect shown towards Sherlock Holmes 2.

Evander Jones’ 7 historical movies that, sadly, never came to fruition.

Our list of the Top Ten Most Attractive Cartoon Characters.

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    yo use my sheudonym plz

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