A Guide to Life After College: How to Spend Your First Paycheck.

How to Avoid “The Creeper.”

3 Stellar Halloween Costume Ideas.

Fall Quarter Freshman Year: What you have/will have learned.

Ross Packingham’s Comprehensive Guide to Bathroom Etiquette.

Manua Hiki-Hiki’s 6 small things that will help improve your mood. And he’s not talking about Ross Packingham’s Packhammer…

Sir T-Worth on how to stay sober and like it.

Manua Hiki-Hiki’s 5 ways to liven up your summer.

Mr. Saltstick’s comprehensive guide to riding the El.

Now that the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us, it’s important to eat right.

Safety is important. Commandant Leo Sextoi advises students on the best way to avoid a brutal mugging.

Petunia Cracksparkler’s CAESAR-themed drinking game might be the only thing that can help you survive registration.

Sir Twattingworth’s beginner’s guide, based on extensive personal experience, to ruining Facebook.

Our latest writer, Petunia Cracksparkler, details the five things you absolutely SHOULD NOT do whilst hosting a prospie.

Eleanor Kinkervoss and Bristol Bacchus’ suggestions for how Northwestern should use its sizeable endowment.

Social media is essential to our survival, as well as Sir Edward Twattingworth’s mental health. Follow the man as he tells you who to follow.

Parrty Cat’s beginner’s guide to accidental pussy, entitled “How to Not Give a Fuck and Still Get Laid on Valentine’s Day.”

Nothing says “Valentine’s Day” like Bristol Bacchus’ suggestions for a breakup playlist.

Sir Edward Twattingworth III takes a break from his birthday festivities to advise Northwestern students on how to survive awkward encounters on Sheridan Road.

Eleanor Kinkervoss on the Eight Statements You Should Never Make.

Eleanor Kinkervoss suggests the perfect authors to improve horrifically shitty writing.

There are some people who you just don’t have to buy Christmas presents for. Like your neighbor who keeps playing Nickelback at 2 in the morning, or the cashier at EV1.

Bristol Bacchus delivers her first article on the best places to find your NU love. We should seriously start a dating site.

Proudly introducing our second new staff member, Manua Hiki-Hiki, with his list of the five things you should never do whilst making out.

You never forget your first time. In Eleanor Kinkervoss’ Sherman Ave debut, the lasciviously libidinous libertine details the 10 things you should appreciate more than you do now.

Need a Halloween costume idea? Don’t turn to Sherman unless you want to offend at least 78% of the people you meet this weekend.

10 reasons why if you don’t apply for Sherman Ave, you’re the worst thing in the world since the Exxon Valdez.

Learning how to not end up in the back of a random guy’s van is an important skill to have in college. Blaise Bernard has all the details on how to avoid all those creepers who were foolish enough to take our previous romantic advice.

Ross Packingham’s 5 secret ways to beat the summer heat. Skinny Dipping included.

Need to break out of the summer doldrums? Look no further than our Summer Bucket List for inspiration.

Ginger LeatherDream offers up his treasure trove of sure-fire pick-up lines for tonight at the Keg.

Evander Jones’ list of the Top Ten songs that are guaranteed to facilitate the best love-making sessions of your life this Valentine’s Day.

THE SNOWPOCALYPSE IS UPON US!!!!! Find out how to keep warm during a blizzard, according to Evander Jones.

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