Some Pick-Up Lines That Are Sure to Heat Things Up

14 Feb

Study up before heading to the Keg tonight

This Valentine’s Day, sophistication is critical. So for all of those love-birds out there who are flying solo this February, try out some of these classy, tested pick-up lines to get the girl (or guy) of your dreams to fall deeply in love with you…

And is your Dad a total psychopathic murderous shitbag!?

CATEGORY #1: Father’s Occupation
- Is your dad a mechanic? Because you have a finely tuned body.
- Is your dad a terrorist? Because you are da bomb.
- Is your dad a farmer? Because you have really nice melons.

CATEGORY #2: Your Love Interest’s Occupation
- Did you rent or buy…those wings, you angel?
- Are you a parking ticket? Because you have ‘fine’ written all over you.
- Is your name Gilette? Because you look like the best a man can get.

CATEGORY #3: Flattery
- That dress is very becoming on you. Then again, if I were on you, I’d be coming, too.
- Want to know my favorite part of a woman’s body? No joke. The vagina.
- I’d tap that.

Can't ask for much more, really.

CATEGORY #4: Touting Your Own Strengths
- Call me coffee, because I will keep you up all night long.
- Your eyes are the exact same color as my Ferrari. That’s so coincidental.
- My name is Fred Flinstone, because I can sure make your bed rock.

- Hey, is your refrigerator running? [pause] Because I really want to fuck you.

We assume absolutely NO responsibility or culpability

Now with your newly acquired arsenal of fornication-worthy one-liners, go snag your mate and enjoy a night that started with a borderline misogynistic catchphrase!!

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3 Responses to “Some Pick-Up Lines That Are Sure to Heat Things Up”

  1. facebook layouts February 15, 2011 at 12:35 pm #

    thnx bro


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